Since 2016, Whitworth Media has produced a wide range of single docs and series for UK and international broadcasters, across documentaries, factual entertainment, travel and specialist factual. Based in North-West England and London, we’re 100% independent, disability-led and committed to inclusivity, providing training and great support to everyone that works for us.

We’re known for our strong partnerships, with big brands such as Cadbury, DHL and Mars; with top motorsport teams, the military and organisations such as the National Trust, the National Railway Museum and Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger as well as great individual onscreen and off screen talent. All of which are crucial to the success of our productions.


Creative Director  and founder Hugh Whitworth has executive produced all our commissions from Channel 5, Channel 4 and National Geographic across factual entertainment, specialist factual and docs.  The company is best known for the long-running hit series Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys, access specials such Inside Cadbury and DHL: Delivering the World and for the More4 hit history series Inside the Spitfire Factory.

Hugh began his career as a researcher on BBC Horizon, travelled the world as a freelance producer-director and for 12 years he was the owner and creative director of The Gamma Project which specialised in male-skew factual entertainment for Discovery, Nat Geo, History and Channel 5 with series like Britain’s Greatest Machines and How to Command a Nuclear Submarine as well as multiple episodes of Megastructures and Megafactories for NGC.

Hugh is deaf and committed to supporting disabled talent in our industry.


After ten years producing access documentaries for all the UK terrestrial broadcasters, Moira moved from editorial into production and business support roles.

She has been Director and Head of Production across a range of small to medium independent TV production companies and short-form digital producers as well offering business consultancy for media groups.


Becca manages all development projects as well as setting up and taking the production lead across the production slate.

Before joining Whitworth Media, Becca worked on a wide range of programmes for Channel 4, BBC and ITV including The Real Narcos, The Millionaires’ Holiday Club and Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year.

She has set up shoots across the world in challenging and diverse locations from luxury cruise ships in the Caribbean to remote and hostile environments in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Panama.


Ed started out his life in television working on Discovery’s How Do They Do It? back in 2011, and has since gone on to a varied documentary career in both production and development, working on programmes dealing with everything from the nature of black holes to the surprising history of bread (though not, admittedly, in the same series).

Since joining Whitworth Media in 2016, Ed has worked on a broad range of shows, including Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway JourneysHitler’s Holocaust RailwaysWorld’s Greatest Concert HallBritain’s Giant Pet Food Factory and Inside Cadbury: Chocolate Secrets Unwrapped, and also works as part of Whitworth’s development team.  Most recently he produced Inside the Spitfire Factory for More4.


Jennifer’s decade of working in television production has allowed her to develop an unparalleled expertise in securing unprecedented access to difficult stories across the globe including Africa, South East Asia, Latin America, the Russian Arctic, Australasia, Europe and the UK. With a strong sense of narrative, Jennifer is expert at uncovering unexpected stories and getting them on screen.


During her career in television production, Martina has worked on a broad variety of documentaries for Channel 5, BBC World and Channel News Asia. As a Production Co-ordinator she worked  on programmes such as Thirties in Colour: Countdown to War, The Longest Day, Outbreak Onboard, Race to Feed the World, and Catching a Killer: The Hwaseong Murders. Earlier this year she stepped up to production manage CNA’s Undercover Asia: Make Me Taller, an insight into the world of cosmetic limb-lengthening surgeries in India.


Louise began her career in television at the BBC working across many award-winning stories as a planning researcher on BBC 2’s Newsnight.

Since then, Louise has brought her expertise in logistics and setting up shoots to a variety of programmes including Cinemanciacs for CBBC, The Martin Lewis Money Show for ITV and Emergency with Angela Griffin for Sky. Her work with Whitworth Media includes Channel 5’s long running series Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railway Journeys, Inside Cadbury and Inside the Spitfire Factory and Cleaning Britain’s Greatest Treasures.


Simon started off counting laptops at the BBC in 2014. Since then has worked on a broad range of programmes, taking in BBC 1’s Strictly Come Dancing,  History of The Tube: Going Underground for Channel 5  and Hunted on Channel 4. He nows works on Delivering the World and across Whitworth’s development slate.


Jeff Morgan has filmed on every continent on earth apart from Antarctica and worked across many different genres, from music and arts to history and current affairs.

He has made highly regarded programmes for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and US broadcasters, and been the recipient of numerous awards including two BAFTAs.


Paul has produced and directed programmes for BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5, Sky and National Geographic.

Experienced in working in hostile environments, his slate includes Unreported World, Tribal Wives and Around the World in 80 Trades. Paul has also directed several much-loved UK based shows such as the multi award-winning Embarrassing Bodies for Channel 4.

When not working directly on productions Paul is part of Whitworth Media’s development team.