Animal People

Some People Have Truly Extraordinary Relationships with Animals

The Elephant Woman… Cynthia Moss left a life as a journalist in New York to live full time with the elephants of Kenya. With no formal training, she braved tribal warfare, violent poachers and scientific condemnation to fight for her beliefs and save her elephant communities.  Thirty years on, she has finally been accepted as a world expert in elephant behaviour and communication. This is her story.

Hawkman of the Himalaya… Five years ago, British falconer Scott Mason settled in Nepal to live with birds of prey. Local farmers bring Scott abandoned chicks, which he rears and teaches to fly. He has pioneered the art of parahawking, combining his falconry and paragliding skills, to fly with his birds in the air, and literally understand what it is to be a hawk… as they explore the Himalayan skies together, in the most extreme relationship of man and bird.

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