Chris Tarrant:
Extreme Railway Journeys
Series 3

Chris Tarrant is back with more fascinating and fun railway adventures.

In four new episodes, Chris will be visiting countries where the development of railways has played a vital role in their history.  In his inimitable style he’ll be taking on more epic journeys across vast swathes of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and giving us his own unique take on that part of the world. Mishaps and misadventures abound as he finds himself stuck in the desert, locked up in prison and too close for comfort to a cold war nuclear reactor. As always stunning scenery, great railway footage, unexpected twists and turns make for an irresistible watch, on the rails with Chris.

Episodes: Morocco, Baltics, Yugoslavia and Jordan/Israel

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Chris Tarrant travels to Morocco to explore the vast railway network built in the French colonial era to connect the country with France’s other African Colonies.

After travelling the length of the country from West to East, Chris heads for the desert. He’s on a mission to find out whether a legendary railway right across the desert to Timbuktu was ever actually constructed, or if it was just a pipe-dream that will leave him stranded in the middle of the Sahara.

It’s the height of summer, and temperatures are hot enough to melt Chris’s shoes (well, one of them, anyway), but nothing will stop Tarrant as he embarks on another railway quest!

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Chris Tarrant is on a mission to cross three former Soviet republics entirely by rail in just one week.

Caught between the rock of Europe and the hard place of Russia, the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been invaded more times than Chris has had hot dinners.

As he struggles to navigate railways that have been ripped up and replaced through endless foreign occupations, Chris uncovers some amazing stories of resilience and independent spirit as well as some dark secrets from the region’s war-torn past.

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In this episode, Chris explores five countries of former Yugoslavia. As a communist federation under Marshal Tito, this country had an extensive state-run railway network, but with the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the Balkan Wars of Independence that followed, much of it was destroyed or fell into disuse.

Chris attempts to cross five countries in just six days to find out how their railway networks are faring today, and he goes in search of Tito’s famous Blue Train before riding one of the great railways of the world down to the coast of Montenegro.

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Chris Tarrant journeys to the Middle East to explore what remains of the colonial railways that were built there a hundred years ago. From the deserts of Lawrence of Arabia, Chris follows the route of the Hejaz Railway up through Jordan, before crossing the border into Israel.

In the Holy Land, he’s headed for the holiest city of all – Jerusalem. But this voyage through one of the world’s most unstable regions is not quite what Chris expects…

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