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This visually stunning history series follows the work of some of Britain’s army of dedicated conservation cleaners who look after our national treasures. At locations ranging from stately homes and museums to historic churches and industrial revolution factories, they show us the special tools, techniques and tricks of the trade they use to clean and preserve all sorts of historical artefacts. As they work, they share their passion and insights into the objects and their original owners as well as fascinating little known gems of history… and sometimes they even solve their mysteries!


Each episode follows the cleaners at three different locations around the UK.  Stories in this first series include the mystery behind a Constable masterpiece that may be solved by cleaning it; a glorious mantelpiece display restoration at Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop Farmhouse in the Lake District; the extremely delicate cleaning of Queen Victoria’s silk laden 1869 Railway Carriage; finding out how to clean the fragile Portland limestone carvings of a London church… and how to clean a pile of antique sand that is threatening a taxidermy collection.


Narrated by Sheridan Smith