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In this two-part series for Channel 4, Danny Dyer travels the country exploring the evolving landscape of modern masculinity. With traditional gender roles a thing of the past, he asks men around Britain what they think it means to be male in the 21st Century. At a time when masculinity has been labelled “toxic”, Danny tries to find out why so many young men seem so easily influenced, and why so many are struggling with their mental health and relationships with women. Is there a war on men, he wonders, or are they simply being asked to redefine their place in society?

In the first episode, Danny sets out to find out if there really is a war on men.  And, if so, is it linked to the meteoric rise of so-called toxic influencers like Andrew Tate. He meets young, Tiktok-famous, influencer Ed Matthews. He chats with teenage boys under intense scrutiny at school. In Mansfield, he meets politician Ben Bradley, who’s spent a decade fighting for men’s issues. At the country’s first ever dedicated male refuge, Danny asks if there’s a bias against male victims of domestic abuse?  And he meets a man who’s story points to the tragic consequences of a bias against fathers fighting for custody of their children. In Brighton, hanging out with a celebrated gay male choir, he gets some fresh views on whether masculinity is dead or something worth fighting for.

In episode two, Danny looks to the future. He meets two leading British scientists to find out if their work on male psychology can help find solutions to the terrible mental health and suicide problems facing men in Britain. He hears that men might need completely different approaches to help them with their mental health, before meeting with a building company doing just that. Danny also meets with stay-at-home Dads, a sex therapist in her dungeon and DJ Woody Cook to find inspiration for the future of masculinity… Before ending his journey at a Jungian men’s retreat, where he meets men who are trying to work with and evolve their masculinity, rather than abandon it, in the ongoing search for the future for 21st Century Man.