DHL: Delivering the World

In this series we find out what it takes to deliver anything, anywhere in the world, as quickly as possible!

We’re going behind the scenes with the world’s biggest delivery company to find out how they deliver an extraordinary range and quantity of packages all over the planet.  With half a million employees, 90,000 road vehicles, a fleet of planes and even their own airport, DHL makes on average five deliveries every second, somewhere on Earth.

The series focuses on the company’s toughest delivery challenges, including things that are very hard to transport quickly or safely and deliveries to or from the least accessible places on our planet.

Coming August 2018.

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Murano Glass

How do you send valuable hand-crafted glass from the Venice waterways to Florida without breaking it?

We join Venice’s veteran water courier Pietro Tosi as he picks up and delivers packages to businesses in the iconic city.

But what happens when a bomb scare threatens to sink his delivery schedule?

Eventually he picks up a €5000 vase that’s destined for a couple in Florida.

A boat journey, bumpy van rides, aeroplane turbulence and relentless conveyor-belts all threaten to break the vase.

So will it reach the couple in one piece?

Aussie Online

To explore the phenomenon of international online shopping we follow a single shipment right across the planet.

In the tiny Australian Outback town of Humpty Doo, Josh clicks buy on a tee-shirt from a UK brand.

Eight thousand miles away the first in a long chain of humans and machines springs into action that will deliver the tee-shirt just three days later and for a delivery cost that still makes this cheaper than Josh buying a similar item at his local store.

Global Seed Bank

How can the world recover from the apocalypse?

After war, famine, pestilence and catastrophic crop failure is it possible to kick-start humanity?

One answer is to store seeds in an extraordinary bank wedged into a freezing mountain in the arctic desert.

But making a deposit at such a remote location is not at all easy.

We follow a consignment from the Colombian Andes as it begins an extraordinary journey involving seven different flights to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle… but when it falls under the scrutiny of Columbia’s anti-narcotics police will it fail at the first hurdle?


Paper Machine

A charity in Tanzania offers employment to the disabled community.

It needs a machine to manufacture paper from a very unusual local source, elephant dung.

The trouble is, the man who makes the machine is 7,000 miles away in New Zealand and his machine weighs the same as a car engine.

The only solution is for the machine to be completely redesigned and remade, shaving more than 100 kilos off its original weight.

Smoked Salmon – From the Sea to your Dinner Plate

Have you ever thought where your food comes from?

One Italian brand of smoked salmon is made from fish from the North Atlantic and wood from Italy.

But how can the 3,000 mile gap between these two key ingredients be bridged?

Using ships, vans, trucks and planes the salmon must arrive in Ireland at exactly the same time as the Italian Wood… or these epic journeys must begin all over again.

Moving an Orchestra

One of the world’s largest orchestras has less than 24 hours to be packed up and sent from London’s Barbican theatre to Paris’ Philharmonie.

We ponder the total value of these instruments, many of which are essentially priceless as they are packed at high speed into ninety packing cases.

It takes a very unusual approach to truck packing to get them safely on their way with just hours to negotiate the Channel Tunnel, French Motorways and Parisian Traffic to be ready for the next concert on time.