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An extraordinary journey into a rarely glimpsed world of poo-centric science, pet-mad employees and what really goes into making mass-produced pet food.

For the first time in its seventy year history, one of Britain’s biggest pet food factories has opened its doors to the cameras for a fascinating insight into how pet food is researched, developed and manufactured. And a slice of life inside what is surely Britain’s most pet-mad workplace. It’s all owned by Mars who actually make more pet care products than chocolate!

Running 24/7 to keep to its target of producing one million pet food pouches a day the factory team works obsessively in their quest to satisfy pets of all varieties; from measuring chunks by the millimetre to personally tasting dishes themselves. They’ll stop at nothing to ensure everything is up to standard.

Meanwhile the company’s 14-acre science centre employs over 1000 animals and 250 humans… like animal trainer Debi, who seems to spend most of her time collecting urine and poo samples for scientific trials. Staff are encouraged to bring in their pets for the happiness of the work environment. But they do have to abide by the ‘petiquette’ rules and one rebellious Chow-Chow is in danger of being handed his notice.

Narrated by comedian Robert Webb.