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In one of the most important years in its 200 year history, Britain’s treasured chocolate maker Cadbury has opened its doors to reveal some of the secrets of its amazing success.

Behind closed doors at the iconic Bournville plant a team of dedicated scientists has been struggling to meet the biggest challenge the company’s faced for a century – to dramatically cut sugar from their Cadbury Dairy Milk recipe. It’s the flagship chocolate bar on which the reputation and fortunes of the company has been built. Once confected, can the new bar hope to match up to its legendary fore-bear?

Meanwhile on the huge production lines, real-life oompa loompas tolling away to feed Britain’s insatiable appetite for chocolate, are still pumping out high-sugar favourites like creme eggs. We follow this year’s Easter Creme Egg campaign as Cadbury agents use “reverse shoplifting” to hide prize-winning white eggs around the country.

Elsewhere in the factory new flavours of chocolate are put into production, with wacky recipes invented by lucky members of the public.

Narrated by John Thomson